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Recycling of cyclones

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  The basic principle of the cyclone is to separate liquid-liquid,liquid-solid,liquid-gas and other two-phase or multiphase mixtures with a certain density difference under the action of centrifugal force.The mixed liquid enters the cyclone tangentially at a certain pressure,and a high-speed rotating flow field is generated in the cylindrical cavity.
  The dense components in the mixture move downwards in the axial direction and radially outwards at the same time under the action of the swirling field,and move downwards along the wall of the vessel when they reach the cone section,and are discharged from the underflow port,thus forming The outer vortex vortex flow field;the components with low density move to the direction of the central axis,and form an upwardly moving inner vortex in the center of the axis,which is then discharged from the overflow port,thus achieving the purpose of two-phase separation.
  cyclone,as a typical equipment of the compound force field of centrifugal force and gravity,is widely used in many fields because of its simple structure,small footprint,convenient installation and operation,and low operating cost.
Recycling of cyclones.
  Those who do not know the cyclone may not know what it is used for.The cyclone is a separation and classification equipment,mainly because of its better performance,and its use in many industries has gradually expanded.Today,we will work with the cyclone manufacturers to understand the key points of the regeneration and utilization of cyclone equipment:
  1.When using the equipment,we need to consider the impact of the regeneration cyclone on the quality of molten steel.Effective control is important in order to avoid harmful ingredients.
  2.Some steel mills use post-cyclone mixed stacking because the components contained in the equipment are more complicated,so they can only be used by reducing the price.
  3.After use,the harmful substances in the cyclone need to be harmlessly treated before being used.
  4.It is necessary to consider the method of selecting the cost problem of using the post cyclone,and the process must have practical application value so that the effect we need can be achieved on the basis of cost saving.
  5.After use,the composition and structure of the cyclone will definitely have some changes,which will have a greater impact on the quality of the regenerated cyclone.This is a point that we need to pay attention to and take corresponding measures to ensure the stability of the quality of regenerated products.
  I hope you can pay attention to the knowledge points about cyclone recycling.For other questions about cyclones,please refer to other content on this site,or call for detailed inquiries.



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