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Two-way cleaner

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  The cleaners are divided into one cleaner, two cleaners, and empty cleaners.
  The scraper blade is made of polyurethane composite material, which is formed by integrated sulfur molding. The scraper surface is flat, straightness is good, low friction, high wear resistance, high strength, and stable scraping effect. Can effectively remove fine particles and wet sticky materials on residual belts. The pre-pressure regulator ensures a stable contact pressure between the scraper and the belt.
  The segmented polyurethane blade of the cleaner head has an embedded design, which requires no screws for combined installation, convenient installation and maintenance, and good straightness of the blade surface.
Two-way cleaner
  The polyurethane blade of the cleaner is designed and manufactured according to the best shape of the drum, which fits the drum well and has a good cleaning effect.
  1. The scraper surface of the belt cleaner is composed of a plurality of narrow-width polyurethane scrapers, with hollow buffer holes, and has a good followability for various belts.
  2. There is no risk of the scraper of the mining cleaner: the scraper and the fixed seat are combined with a dovetail groove, and there is a top tightening device to eliminate the clearance.
  3. Three-layer scraper unit of belt cleaner produced by the manufacturer, with detachable fixing seat, which can be replaced on the side of the hopper, and the installation or maintenance is very simple.
  4. Simple and fast replacement of the cleaner blade holder: The contact pressure is stabilized by the side of the falling hopper, and can be fine-tuned if necessary.
Two-way cleaner 1

  Service life:

  The low and stable contact pressure between the scraper and the belt can not only maintain the excellent scraping effect, but also effectively increase the service life. The scraper should generally be used for 1-3 years, and it will never hurt the belt.
  Polyurethane cleaner tape will carry sticky substances such as coal dust, mud, powdery materials during operation, and some of them will stick to the operation surface of the conveyor belt. At this time, the adhesive materials will enter the lower supporting rollers of the empty section. Material enters the idler. The material enters the roller housing, and then increases the radial load and axial load on the bearing seat, causing the bearings to wear quickly. The material on the roller housing will accelerate the wear of the conveyor belt.
  If the adherent enters the tail of the machine and redirects to the drum, it will stick to the surface of the drum. The more and more sticky, the more the adhesion is increased. As a result, the conveyor belt deviates, and the wear of the conveyor belt becomes a serious consequence. If the cleaning installation is prominent, the service life of the idler rollers and conveyor belts can be extended.
Two-way cleaner 2
  Polyurethane scraper organization features. Polyurethane cleaner is a replacement product of the existing alloy cleaner on the belt conveyor. Its scraper is made of imported materials. The polymer improves the material's abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, crack resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and does not damage the tape. The service life of the tape, the polyurethane cleaner mainly uses a tension spring tension adjuster. When the scraper wears or the belt jumps, the scraper surface will actively follow up, compensate, ensure that the scraper surface and the tape are tightly touched, and then complete the outstanding scraping effect.

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