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A sweeper

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  product description

  A cleaner is also called the head cleaner. The H-type cleaner is installed at the head roller. The scraper material is made of super wear-resistant polyurethane. The pressure of the scraper on the conveyor belt is adjusted by adjusting the spring to achieve the effect of thoroughly cleaning the material.
  Conveyor cleaner is a device used to clean the conveyor. During the conveying process of the belt conveyor, if the remaining adhered material enters the roller or roller bearing housing, it will accelerate the wear of the bearing, and the material on the surface of the roller or roller will adhere to it. Tear and brush the surface of the conveyor belt to accelerate the wear and tear of the conveyor belt.
  A sweeper adopts a straight blade, which can ensure a stable low contact force between the blade and the belt, with a long service life. The middle long circular buffer hole makes the blade have good cushioning followability and high impact strength. The special dust-proof sleeve sealed torsion spring unit can prevent the self-adjusting function from being fully exerted due to material jamming or dust accumulation.
A sweeper

  product advantages

  The cleaning device has a good effect, so the service life of the supporting rollers, conveyor belts, and rollers can be extended; therefore, the cleaning ability of the cleaner is of great importance to improve the operating efficiency and reliability of the belt conveyor, reduce equipment failure rates and maintenance costs Role.
  A cleaner uses the elastic properties of the rubber body to automatically adjust the contact pressure between the cleaner blade and the conveyor belt, and the cushioning effect of the rubber body ensures that the force of the scraper and the running belt is within a certain proper range. Inside, so that the cleaning material is clean without damaging the tape.
  The segmented polyurethane blade of the cleaner head has an embedded design, which requires no screws for combined installation, convenient installation and maintenance, and good straightness of the blade surface.
A sweeper
  The polyurethane blade designed and manufactured by the cleaner according to the shape of the drum, fits the drum well and has a good cleaning effect.
  The scraper cleaner uses the weight of the counterweight or the elasticity of the boom to make the scraper fixed on the boom in close contact with the working surface of the conveyor belt to remove the residual material on it. According to the number of squeegees, it can be divided into single, double and multiple squeegees. Scrapers are made of rubber, hard alloy, ceramic, etc.
  The scraper cleaner has a simple structure, easy replacement of the scraper, and relatively good cleaning effect. It is generally installed at the discharge drum to clean the materials adhered to the conveyor belt. It is suitable for cleaning conveyor belts with vulcanized joints.

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