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Flotation Rotor Stator

Special-shaped rotor stator

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  Product description

  The stator and rotor are parts in the motor. The two parts cooperate with each other to convert electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy through the action of the magnetic flux coil.
  The polyurethane impeller and cover plate for the flotation machine are the stator and rotor of the flotation machine, also known as the cover of the water wheel. Polyurethane has the high strength of plastic and the high elasticity of rubber.
Special-shaped rotor stator
  Polyurethane flotation machine rotor stator has both high strength of plastic and high elasticity of rubber. It is a new type of wear-resistant flotation machine rotor stator with excellent comprehensive performance.
  According to the different aeration and agitation methods, the flotation machine can be divided into four types: aerated mechanical agitation flotation machine, self-aspirating mechanical agitation flotation machine, decompression flotation machine, and air-lift flotation machine. Among them, the rotor stator of the flotation machine is the most important component of the self-suction mechanical stirring flotation machine and the aerated mechanical stirring flotation machine.
  The rotors in the rotor and stator assembly of the flotation machine include centrifugal impellers, rod wheels, cage wheels, and star rotors. Self-aspirating mechanical agitation flotation machine, through the rotation of the rotor, forms a pumping characteristic similar to that of a pump, which can both self-prime air and self-priming ore slurry, so that the intermediate product can flow back in the flotation production process Again, no sand pump is needed. Inflatable mechanical stirring flotation machine is the same as self-aspirating mechanical stirring flotation machine. Through the rotation of the rotor, both the pulp and the flotation agent can be fully mixed, and the formation of the pulp can be prevented.


  High wear resistance, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, longer life, reduce the number of replacement of cast iron and rubber impeller cover.
Special-shaped rotor stator

  Product Usage

  It is widely used in flotation equipment on non-ferrous metal mines such as lead-zinc ore, copper ore, gold ore, titanium ore, ores.
  The polyurethane impeller and cover plate for the flotation machine is the rotor stator of the flotation machine, also known as the water wheel cover plate. It is used to stir and wear. The rubber impeller cover plate is vulcanized with high wear-resistant rubber as the main material. In about 10 months, the polyurethane material has greatly improved the wear resistance time in mining practice up to 3 years, which greatly saves the number of repairs and saves financial and labor resources. It is an ideal replacement product.
  This product is widely used in the beneficiation of various metals and non-metals. This series of products of our company are not only wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but also have reasonable design, balanced operation and long service life. , Nylon impeller, polymer impeller, etc. It can also design and manufacture special flotation machine and rotor (such as rubber, manganese steel, ball mill cast iron, etc.) according to user requirements.
Special-shaped rotor stator
  The flotation machine rotor and stator produced by Dezhou Chaishang Trading Co., Ltd. mainly include A series, SF series, BF series, XCF series, KYF series, JJF series, BSK series, etc. The flotation machine rotor and stator are the central accessories of the flotation machine. It is mainly used for metal and non-metal beneficiation. The product has good abrasion resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance and chemical stability. The flotation machine impeller cover is made of polyurethane, nylon and wear-resistant rubber, each of which has its own advantages for users to choose. The flotation machine rotor stator has always had a strong collision with the solid particles in the pulp during the flotation process, so the wear of the flotation machine rotor stator is very large.


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