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Lined pipe

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  product description

  Polyurethane-lined pipes have comprehensive properties such as excellent abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis and aging resistance, anti-scaling, high elasticity, and mechanical impact resistance. Can be widely used in power, coal, mining, building materials, chemical and other industries to transport coal powder, ash, ore powder, aluminum liquid, mud and other abrasive particulate materials and corrosive media.
Polyurethane lined pipes

  Performance characteristics:

  1.Using rigid polyurethane with low thermal conductivity and good heat insulation performance as the heat insulation material, it has excellent heat insulation.
  2. When the water at 130 ℃ is transported beyond 40 kilometers after normal operation, the temperature drop is only about 1 ℃.
  3. It has strong waterproof and anti-corrosion ability. It can be directly buried in the ground or water without the need for a pipe trench. The construction is simple and quick, and the overall cost is low.
  4. It also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under low temperature conditions, and can be directly buried in the frozen soil layer.
  5. The prefabricated insulation pipe uses a corrosion-resistant (HDPE: high-density polyethylene) jacket tube, which is not affected by biological and chemical corrosion.
  6. According to user needs, can provide pipes with various pipe diameters and insulation thicknesses between DN20 ~ DN1200 and matching fittings (elbows, tees, reducers, fixed joints, etc.)?
  7. The products implement the CJ / T 114-2000 and CJ / T 115-2001 standards of the People's Republic of China's urban construction industry.
  8. In order to ensure the trinity of the prefabricated direct buried insulation pipe, the outer surface of the steel pipe before foaming, and the inner surface of the plastic pipe are corona treated. The rust removal level reaches the requirements of Sa2.5 in GB / T 8923-1998. Dyne / cm.
  9. The polyethylene outer protective tube is made of high-density polyethylene material, supplemented with various additives such as antioxidants, and strictly inspects the quality of raw materials and products to ensure that the product quality meets the CJ / 114-2000 standard and is directly buried. The technical requirements of the outer tube protect the overall quality of the outer tube. Specific technical indicators are shown in the table below.
  10. The company is equipped with imported and domestic high-pressure foaming machines and hydraulic pipe-penetrating machines, which improves the overall quality of the products.
Polyurethane lined pipes 1

  Features of polyurethane lined pipes

  1. Reduce project cost.
   According to the calculation of relevant departments, the dual-control heating pipes can generally reduce the project cost by about 25% (using FRP as the protective layer) and 10% (using high-density polyyiene as the protective layer).
  2. Low heat loss and energy saving.
  The thermal conductivity is: λ = 0.013-0.03kcal / m · h · oC, which is much lower than other commonly used pipe insulation materials in the past, and the insulation effect is improved by 4-9 times. Moreover, its water absorption rate is very low, about 0.2 kg / m2. The reason for the low water absorption is that the closed cell ratio of polyurethane foam is as high as about 92%. Low thermal conductivity and low water absorption, coupled with thermal insulation layer and high-density polyyiene or fiberglass protective shell with good waterproof performance on the outside, has changed the condition of traditional trenches for heating pipes "wet cotton jackets" and greatly reduced heating pipes The overall heat loss of the heating network is 2%, which is less than the international standard of 10%.
  3. Anti-corrosion, good insulation performance and long service life.
  Since the polyurethane rigid foam insulation layer is tightly bonded to the outer skin of the steel pipe, it can block the penetration of air and water, and can play a good role in anticorrosion. At the same time, its foaming cells are closed, and its water absorption is very small. The high-density polyyiene shell and glass fiber reinforced plastic shell have good corrosion resistance, insulation and mechanical properties. Therefore, the outer skin of the working steel pipe is hardly eroded by the outside air and water. As long as the internal water quality of the pipeline is well treated, the service life can reach more than 50 years, which is 3 to 4 times longer than that of traditional trench laying and overhead laying.
  4. Pipe insulation. It occupies less land, and construction is quicker, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
  Directly buried heat-supply pipeline insulation does not require the construction of huge trenches, only buried insulation pipes need to be buried underground, thus greatly reducing the occupation of the project, reducing the amount of earthwork excavation by about 50%, and reducing the amount of civil masonry and concrete . At the same time, the processing of the insulation pipe and the trench digging on site are performed in parallel. Only the on-site joint can shorten the construction period by about 50%.


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